Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vikings Luxury-Buffet Restaurant at the Mall of Asia (MOA)

For me, this is one buffet restaurant that will give all others in Metro Manila a run for their money! The available food selections are a lot, and I'm sure that everyone will no doubt find dishes that he/she will like. Of course, not all the dishes available are perfectly prepared, but what restaurant can really boast of such? Anyway, I heard that this restaurant is a new venture of a popular restaurant chain so they really know their food. Overall, the food preparation in general is above average. The service is acceptable if not great, although inevitably there may be times when a dish runs out and is not refilled immediately. Even the drinks such as juices, fruit shakes, coffee and even draft beer are included in the very reasonable buffet price! There's even halo-halo, ice cream, yogurt, kutchinta, aside from the usual cakes and pastries at the dessert section! I also recommend that one of your companions declare that it's their birthday, in order to be treated to the staff's very entertaining birthday greeting and a token birthday cake, of course! Overall, we had a great time, and will definitely go back!

However, if you're planning to go there for dinner, make sure that you call in advance to make a reservation because the place usually gets filled up as early as 6:30 PM. And if you have a special event (such as a birthday celebration), they have a private area which can seat up to about 40 persons. Note that it would be wise to go there by car or by cab, because it's quite far from public transportation routes. Parking availability was acceptable. The parking lot is guarded, and the parking fee average. There are well lighted mini-parks on both sides of the restaurant, and it is nice to walk around there after eating. There is a big lighted fountain on one side and some rather large shell display on the other. And since the place is located at the edge of the reclaimed area, it's just beside Manila Bay and the very refreshing sea air breezes into you. For smokers, there are several tables just outside the entrance for you, although during the early evening these are usually filled with walk-in customers waiting for available tables.

After having your fill of the food there, if you still have the stomach for some action, there are some clubs/bars within walking distance.

For more details on Vikings Luxury-Buffet Restaurant (such as location/vicinity map, buffet pricing, pictures of the place and set-up, please visit this site, although please note that I don't agree with their evaluation of the food and overall dining experience.

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